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SLAP MOSQUITOES:your ultimate weapon against those madening mosquitoes, for the all of you who hate with a passion these culicidaes bzzzzzzzzing around all night long, sneakily sucking your precious blood, for whom a good mosquitoes rather dead than alive…

Breaking News! Coming this Summer is your sweet REVANCHE! Enter “Slap Mosquitoes” and become a weapon of mass destruction against cyber-mosquitoes!

Your avatar is SLAPMAN, a youngster who fights infamous mosquitoes, already deadly at first bite, in numerous and exciting universes.

Finally, the first gaming hero who posts her or his record at our website www.slap-mosquitoes.com can be assured to get a innovative reward from us!

the team
The authors of SLAPMOSQUITOES take full responsibility of the creation and artistic work on the application
Authors : Antoine Simonotti, Pierre Vasseur, Stéphane Robert
Design : Jean D'ydewalle
Development : Digitalmania
Vigilance-Moustique SAS, editor of the application brought their know-how the pedagogic contenu redaction of the mosquitoes biographic

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